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Benefits of Natural Oils

I hands down attribute my (relatively) wrinkle-free skin to oils! I say relatively because sure, I’ve got them. And proud of them too. They’re my battle scars for all the experiences I’ve had in life, and a trophy for reaching the grand old age of 41 ! But still, let’s …
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Natural Face Oils

Oil. Lovely natural oil, gathered from a range of plants, flowers, nuts and seeds that can make such a difference to our health. My facial regime I’ve always been an advocate of using oils on my face. When I was 20 I invested in a small bottle of Clarins’ Lotus …
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The Spiral of Grief

I was in two minds about whether to write this post or not, because grief feels like such a difficult, emotive topic to write about. On the one hand, I definitely don’t want to sweep it all up into some nicely-tied bow within a few cliched paragraphs, promising that ‘time …