Our Little Family

Hi there, I’m Laura and this is The Mama Daze – welcome!

I’m 42 years old, and am mama to our one & only child Joshua (aka Monkey Bear!) in 2017 when I was 39.

I’m married to my best mate, Mr O, and we’ve been together for 12 lovely years, and married for just over 9 of those.

We’ve been on a long & rocky road to get our little family – through years of angst in trying to get pregnant, followed by years of struggle with IVF & miscarriages. But we’re here now, and would do it all again in a heartbeat to end up with the funny, loving, chatty little boy we’ve been blessed with 🙂

What’s The Mama Daze about?

The Mama Daze is about supporting mums in everyday life. Through any new milestones you’re experiencing, through moments of doubt or anxiety, as a friendly ear when times are too much and as a celebratory trumpet when you have a win 🙂

  • There’s advice for those ‘down’ moments when you just feel like you’re failing at motherhood – you’re not, by the way. But a little support might help you see that x
  • Healthy lifestyle tips with natural skincare, wholesome foods & fitness tips
  • I’ll be on hand to offer advice to anyone going through IVF or thinking about that journey, and hopefully can help with ways to mentally & physically look after yourself during this chapter.
  • I’ll also be here to offer a friendly hug to anyone going through miscarriage. It’s a heart-breaking time, and it can make you feel quite isolated. So it’s important to look after yourself xxx
  • There’ll be treats for babas – fun toys, beautiful books, essential skincare, lovely clothing, days out…
  • Treats for mamas – YEAY! – can anyone say ‘wine’?!
  • And all sorts of tips & fab little things I’ve found that help those days seem less of a daze!

Join in the fun

So I hope you’ll follow us on this blog adventure!  Would love to hear your comments, discover more about your lives, hear your tips & tricks, and become friends 🙂

I’ll be posting here and via Instagram, so make sure to subscribe to latest posts and check out our photos 🙂

Thanks, and see you soon !

Laura (- & Monkey Bear & Mr O)