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Peter Rabbit Pie

Since when did Peter Rabbit become such a little ASBO waiting to happen? Bloody hell, watching the cbeebies cartoon in the mornings, it’s a wonder we’re not inadvertently raising an army of little criminals, all hell bent on destroying property & stealing whatever they can find. These rabbits are out …
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Rome with a Baby

We’ve just had the best time together in Rome as a family. It was our first proper ‘city break’ as a family of 3, so being able to wander the streets, sightsee, and enjoy little meals & gelati at local eateries was very special indeed. And it got me thinking …
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Splish Splash

Going swimming with Monkey Bear has become one of my favourite activities. There’s something about being in the water together, with all that lovely skin-on-skin contact, that just bonds us even more. And watching his little face as he’s actively learning something new, is just priceless. It’s like when you …
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Strawberries: today’s arch nemesis

We had a lovely lunch today. Tuna sandwiches and strawberries. And wowwee, did he love those strawberries! He squished & squelched them joyously in his hands, as he munched them down, all the yummy juice smeared deliciously over his lips & fingers Neither of us much enjoyed the strawberries when …