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Lovely oils to treat your face with

Oil. Lovely natural oil, gathered from a range of plants, flowers, nuts and seeds that can make such a difference to our health.

My facial regime

I’ve always been an advocate of using oils on my face. When I was 20 I invested in a small bottle of Clarins’ Lotus Oil for the face, a heavenly-scented bottle of quenching 100% natural oils for combination skin. It was definitely a considered purchase back then, as it is now at c.£30 per bottle, but it lasted such a long time and really got my skin into shape. Just a couple of drops every morning and evening and my skin at last found balance. Clarins do 3 such oils, all of which good and all for a different skin condition – Dry, Combination and Oily.


Now, as well as loving oils, I should also point out that I’ve never been a fan of face ‘creams’. That’s just me. I’ve either found them to be too thick, too thin, too perfumed, too watery. They’ve caused red blotches, spots, allergic reactions. And no matter what cream I’ve lathered on, they never lasted particularly long. As I say, that’s just been my experience.

But a change it was a-coming…

About 10 years ago though, after using my Lotus oil for many years, my face started to develop very angry red spots. Spots that would leave marks and scars. All of a sudden, I felt like I was back in my teenage years, although, ironically, with worse skin! Why was this happening? What could I do to shift it? I started drinking more water, but to no avail. Was it my hormones causing this? Perhaps, yes. Was it an overgrowth of Candida that I know I suffer from? It could be, yes. Was it stress, caused by planning a wedding abroad and starting a new job? Um, yup, sounds like these factors could definitely be contributing!

From nowhere, I was undergoing all of these mental, emotional and physical changes all at once, and it was playing havoc with my skin. My trusty Lotus oil wasn’t working, I couldn’t sleep well, and I was trapped in an endless cycle of getting stressed about my skin condition which would then in turn, of course, only cause the condition to never improve.

healthy and natural skincare oils -

What was I going to do?

Well, I realised that my skin was likely changing anyway and I felt it was switching from combination to dry. So I started on the Blue Orchid oil instead. No allergic reaction, all soothing and it was just as long-lasting as the Lotus had been. But still no change to the scars and spots.

Panic Stations!

So I started to use anything under the sun to help heal my face. You name it, I tried it. If it had the latest thingymajiggy-ceramide-complex bits or if it was packed with whatchamacallit-proteins, I was convinced it was going to be the miracle cure. I was sold on every new lotion and potion on the market that promised me skin that would be brighter, fresher, acne-free and glowing with health.

So it worked, right? Um, nope. It didn’t. Besides having cabinets full of half-used scrubs and creams and being lighter in my pocket, I’d confused my skin so much that it didn’t know if it was coming or going. I was whacking so many conflicting ‘remedies’ onto it that it didn’t know whether it was dry or spotty, whether it needed more moisture or to dry out. What an idiot. I’d bought into all the sales spiel in a mad desperate attempt to find some quick cure.

healthy and natural skincare oils -

Back on Track

So it was now about 8 years ago that I finally found some common sense, did my research and got my skin back on track.

How? Oils of course! But not the pre-bottled Clarins variety. This time, I was heading to the health store and supermarket shelves for a truly eye-opening discovery.

I’ve tried and tested a fair few. I remember it felt like going back to my dating days in many ways, searching for that elusive perfect partner who’ll stay on my bedside table for better or worse!

My skin has never been better. And I’m so excited by it that I’m going to tell you all I’ve learned so far about the beauty of oils in this post right here!

Have you suffered from poorly skin, either now or in the past? What did you find helped you?

Laura x



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