Upset Tummy? Try Peppermint…

Use Peppermint to help ease an aching tummy -

It’s horrible having an upset stomach! I don’t care if it’s due to over-indulging (I’m not judging,mama!) poor digestion, an inflammatory stomach or reacting badly to a particular food intolerance (damn you gluten!!)

Not only does it It leave us possibly in pain, but sometimes also feeling bloated and nauseous. Nah, we don’t need that !

We often reach for something in the medicine cabinet, like Milk of Magnesia or chalky indigestion pills. But there’s one particular natural remedy that is renowned for helping – and that’s Peppermint. Yippee!

A cup of peppermint tea goes to work on your gastrointestinal tract straight away, helping to soothe the site of irritation and calm inflammation. Fresh mint works too, steeped in a cup of hot water. You can chew on fresh mint – but I’d avoid this if your stomach is particularly painful, as drinking will be easier on your system than eating.

Don’t give your stomach any unnecessary work than it needs, when it’s upset. Treat it with the love it deserves 🙂

Stick to peppermint tea, or simple hot water with a squeeze of lemon to help balance the acidity of your stomach lining.

I always take a couple of peppermint tea bags with me when I go away on holiday. Easy to pack (especially the ones that come individually wrapped) and you’re ready then for any disagreements your tummy may have with local cuisine or just from eating food off your toddler’s t-shirt!

With mama daze love,

Laura x

peppermint has so many ways to naturally heal your body - including tummy aches - the mama daze
peppermint has so many ways to naturally heal your body – including tummy aches – the mama daze


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