Music, I missed you…

Getting my tunes on!

When I was in my teens, you couldn’t get me out of music shops! I’d be forever in there, browsing through the racks of CDs, scanning the album art, checking out the tracks from my favourite artists – and those on offer that week.

Yup, HMV in the UK (the better known acronym of ‘His Master’s Voice’), was the place I would choose to spend my pocket money. And then I’d play that album to within an inch of its silver disced life!

browsing through the CDs back in the day!

Memorizing the lyrics, and skipping those few c-list tracks that were pure filler. My CDs would come on car trips, be slipped into the radio in my room, and popped into my ‘portable’ player, which I somehow miraculously rammed down my jeans to make it truly ‘on the go’!

But these days, there are whole strings of days when I don’t actively listen to music. I mean, it’s ‘on’ in the background, but it’s often my husband who’s put the tunes on and so it’s just background to me.

And the songs I choose to listen to? Well, I hate to say it, but I’m not sure my music taste has much changed since circa 1998! I still opt for those tracks from my teens and those from even younger years.

rediscovering my love of music from my youth, now in my forties

I was berating myself the other day for this – how did I get so out of touch with music? Did I just stop caring? Or did the style of music change and leave me behind? But then I realized – I’m being pretty stupid! Sure, I may not know who’s in the Top Ten (seriously, I don’t know!) and probably haven’t for about 5 years!

But my love of music hasn’t died. I’ve just become lazy in it. So as a tribute to my youth & as a treat to my soul, I’ve decided to do a Music Monday mash up. Every Monday, I’m going to listen to 3 tracks I know & love. And 3 tracks I’ve never listened to before. And I’m hoping Spotify is going to help me with that!

Browsing the CDs, loving the music and spending my pocket money back in my teens -

Because music can lift your mood – it can transport you to another time – it can bring calm – it can bring sadness with remembering happier (or sad) times. And it’s about time I let it gift my life again.

So, sorry I’ve been too lazy or wrapped in a Netflix world to enjoy you, Music. But here’s to reawakening that wonderful relationship we once shared.

Wanna join me in this little discovery? Pop down your favourite songs below, as well as any brand new ones & artists you’ve discovered – I’d love to know what you’re listening to 🙂

With mama daze love,

Laura x


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