Coffee – my nighttime ninja assassin

I’m not sure that the weather’s like where you are, but today seems a surprisingly lovely spring day in Liverpool.

This is good news because a) no-one likes waking up to rain and b) I made the huge mistake of having 2 afternoon cups of coffee yesterday, so have been wired & wide awake all through the night. It’s like I forget what coffee’s designed to do, it’s DNA,Β it’s whole raison d’etre.

But I got carried away yesterday because, quite simply, I’d escaped the house for some lovely ‘me time’. I was off to get these frizzy locks coloured & tamed, and so whilst sat in the comfort of the hairdresser’s big leather chair, with glossy magazines strewn on my lap with beautiful people staring back at me, a ‘nice cup of coffee’ seemed like just what I needed. Now, I should mention that I don’t ordinarily drink coffee – I drink decaf. And I don’t drink coffee specifically because it only takes 1 cup and I’ll be awake later that night. So for some reason unbeknownst to me or logic, I opted for not 1 but 2 high-octane cups of java to ‘help me unwind’ (yes, I know) during my pamper session. You see, I think having a cup of coffee without a dog clinging to my leg or a baby swinging around my neck was my very-much-scaled-down version of being footloose and fancy free, like in some chick movie where all they do is lunch, shop, drink prosecco. I know, I aim high. Crazy times people, crazy times.

So anyway, long story (not too) short, here I am, after 3 hours of interrupted sleep (because Monkey Bear is poorly so woke every hour) and I’ve got my day ahead of me. Sooooo, um, if I could just have a cheeky little coffee to help drag me through…..


Laura πŸ™‚



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  • Valerie

    Haha, oops! I’m the same way with coffee, I love it but only have one cup – in the morning- otherwise I’d be up all night. I’m sorry your little one is sick.
    By the way, your writing style is great, wonderful sense of humor!

    • Laura

      Ah thank you Valerie, that’s so lovely of you to say πŸ™‚ And little Monkey has a cold, but he’s in good spirits on the whole, so thanks πŸ™‚
      Sorry to hear you’re a caffeine lightweight like me – we should form a support group, which obviously meets at some ungodly hour like 3am. My husband can drink 4 cups and sleep like a log – to say I’m bitter would be an understatement.
      And I’ve got a confession to make….. about half an hour ago I had a large strong mug! I know, I know, I’m face-palming myself as I type. We’re out tonight (on a very rare mini date night), so it was either succumb to the coffee or be asleep by 6pm!
      Happy Saturday πŸ™‚

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