If you were born in 1978…

…I’d like to start by wishing you a happy 40th year! Whether your birthday has been and gone, or coming up (like mine, eek) it’s a huge milestone. Sorry if you were hoping to gloss over this year and hide it at the back of your mind, but hopefully you’re embracing the marvel of approaching ‘that hill’ and jumping ‘over it’ with aplomb. If not, then maybe I can help change your mind…

You see, here were are, where many others weren’t fortunate enough to make it, and it’s a brand new chapter in our lives. I felt this with my 30th. All of a sudden, instead of being ‘late’ anything, there was a shiny zero on the end of my years and it felt like I’d been given a clean slate. An ‘advance to Go and collect £200’ card. I wasn’t trying to juggle the awkwardness of explaining my age as 29-but-almost-30. I was 30, and proud. 30 and ready to take on the world. 30 and ready to drag out those celebrations for as long and as hard as I could.

And here I am now, on the cusp of my 40th, and with every intention of doing the same. You see today, I have a birthday party! I know, I’m very excited. I don’t tend to have birthday parties, because I guess who does past the age of 21. But at these milestones it’s a bona fide excuse (nay, reason!) to grab as many friends together as possible and mark it.

Now I’m not gonna lie. This won’t be the kind of party where we’re all staggering into taxis at 3 in the morning, heels broken from too much dancing, heads thumping from too much drinking, and bodies shaking from merely being out as late as 3 in the morning. This is a daytime affair. With kids in tow. Well, I want as many of my lovely mates there as possible, and like us, alot have kids (who we love too) so to do daytime with kids means no babysitters need to be found, no massive logistical moves of getting into and out of London at nighttime – it’s simpler, more convenient, and just as much fun because invariably the adults can be a bit more like kids (and who doesn’t like acting like a kid from time to time!)

And then I’m off on a mini break for a few days over my birthday to celebrate with family and generally make sure this birthday doesn’t pass with the celebration it so justly deserves.

So whatever you’ve got planned for your 40th, you lovely Xenial, I wish you a bloomin’ happy one!

And whatever you’ve got planned for today everyone, hope it’s sunny & full of smiles – and if you see a bunch of knackered adults in the corner of a beer garden with kids scattered around their feet, but with prosecco in their hands, smiles on their faces and balloons floating overhead, then pop on over – it may be just the party for you, too 🙂

Laura x



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  • Valerie

    Happy birthday!! I’ve got two more years until I hit the big 4-0, and you’re right. many many people didn’t get to reach the milestone. Thanks for the reminder to embrace it! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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