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I hands down attribute my (relatively) wrinkle-free skin to oils! I say relatively because sure, I’ve got them. And proud of them too. They’re my battle scars for all the experiences I’ve had in life, and a trophy for reaching the grand old age of 41 !

But still, let’s be honest here – I’m trying to keep as many at bay as I can, for as long as I can, haha! And as I’m never gonna be someone who opts for surgery or injections (am too squeamish and just couldn’t handle the risk), I’ve been leaning on nature since I was about 18, to help combat the old signs of ageing.

Now, just because you might be a late player to the skincare game, definitely doesn’t mean you should start. What’s that old saying – the best time to start something was yesterday, the second-best time is now.

Seriously, I don’t care if you’re reading this as a 28-year-old or as a 58-year-old, there’s PLENTY your skin can benefit from using oils, as long as you start. That’s the important thing, right?

It’s like exercise. Sure, I have days when I barely manage 10 minutes of a pathetic run – but you know what? That’s 10 minutes more than I would have otherwise done. And the same goes for skincare.

So whaddya say I give you the rundown on the advantages of using oils and you can see which one you fancy most for your new regime…

Oils – moisture levels through the roof

Oils are great at locking in moisture levels to your skin. Ever had a bath and been told to rub moisturiser straight ni after to ‘lock in’ the moisture. Well, oils can give you an automatic moisture lock because they form a natural barrier with outside elements. I wouldn’t advice rubbing oil onto wet skin (after oil, water and oil aren’t known to be best buds!) but if your face is still  lightly damp after a lovely face wash, that’s a good time to get a couple of drops of oil and smooth it gently over your face and neck.

Lots of moisturisers will sink right in to your face straight away, so be aware that oils take a little longer to do so. Which is lovely at the end of a hard day, but slightly more problematic when you’re in a rush first thing in the morning and need to apply your make-up in a rushed 27 seconds! Give yourself an extra few minutes in the morning, or just stick to a nighttime ritual for the time being, to allow for proper absorption.

Lovely oils to treat your face with

Oils – balance your own oil production

One of the myths surrounding oils is that they make your skin oily. Stands to reason, right? But actually, the reverse is true. If your skin has oil applied, after a while it starts to regulate your own oil production. It reckons you’ve got enough oil so starts balancing out ho much it produces itself. That’s not to say that certain oils won’t cause you spots (check out coconut and olive oil as partiuckar culprits for this) but I using a base oil that carries a lot of skin-like properties will help balance out your oils and sebum production, plus giver your skin a well-needed boost of natural oil goodness – what’s not to love, eh?!

Oils – natural. Toxic free

One of the main reasons loads of people swtich across to oils from the typical lab-produced moisturisers is the fact they’re 100% natural. And if you’re thinking ‘well I’ve seen an oil that’s only 98%’ or such, then it’s not an oil you want to be using. Seriously, it’s not difficult for companies to get 100% oils right, so don’t give your money to any who add in these ‘extra’ 2%s of rubbish.

I’m no hippy. I haven’t got the dedication needed to be fair, and I’d be cheating on things left, right and centre! But 100% natural is such a fab way to live your skin care. Derived from seeds, plants or vegetables, gathered from the land…..completely lush! And when you apply it to your face, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be smothering it on and feeling like you’re in a mini spa for all of those lovely 2 minutes!

Lovely oils to treat your face with

Oils – multi purpose

Just because you’re using it as your facial moisturiser, doesn’t mean it might not have other uses for you too. Most natural oils can be used as facial cleansers as well, along with nail cuticle oils , oils for dry hair, used on the body or certain parts like your elbows or knees, and as a lip balm too.

Each oil will be slightly different, because it has a different viscosity and some are better-suited to dry skin or combination etc. But once you’ve decided on your main base oil and bought it, it’s definitely worth a play around with other uses.

I’d start with using it on your nails first, and then a little on your elbows etc. Ironically, even thought my hair is some days an advert for frizz, not all oils work on my curly locks (and some actively just sit on top of it for days on end, even after shampooing off!). So, when trying on your hair, just experiment on a small section at the ends to start with

So that’s a quick rundown of how oils can benefit your skin! I’ll be writing some more posts soon about specific oils, and how they can benefit different skin conditions, so check them out and let me know what you think 🙂

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