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Baby Brain – 7 drinks to kick it

So one thing’s for sure since my little monkey bear was born – my brain has officially become ‘babified’. Baby brain has very much set up camp in this old head, taking with it any signs that sense, memory or actual thought ever resided there to begin with. It’s all to be expected, of course, goes hand in hand with motherhood. In fact, I’d be more dubious about befriending any new mum who seems to have her sh*t together and walks around as if it’s all sewn up. It’s not. It’s falling apart most days and in many ways, but if you’re lucky, there’ll be many giggles and cherished moments within those days to help drag you through the mental wasteland.

And, like most mums, time, energy and any small amount of thought are all low on the radar, so I thought I’d pop down a few liquid refreshments here that we can enjoy and are meant to give our brains that much-needed injection of energy…

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  1. Water. Goes without saying, but staying hydrated is critical for your brain, body and overall health. Without sufficient water, our energy levels plummet, our skin suffers, our organs stop functioning properly and our body starts to slowly shut down to conserve what little hydration we have. 8 glasses a day or 2 litres, whichever’s easier to remember. And add a splash of cordial if water bores you (it does me, sometimes)
  2. Fresh Smoothies. Okay, so the mere thought of washing the blender gives you a headache, but packed full of fibre and vitamin goodness, a smoothie can be an energy-rich drink to sip and to recharge your mental capacities. Steer clear of refined sugar (you’ll just crash & burn later) but instead opt for fruits like bananas, papaya and blueberries. And if you’ve got a sweeter tooth, pop in a little agave or brown rice syrup.
  3. Fresh Juices. If you juice at home, restrict the amount of fruit you juice and instead opt for a green/leafy vegetable juice instead. Leafy vegetables are packed full of iron and don’t have as many sugars as fruit. So whilst you’re chopping up those veggies for little one’s lunch, keep some carrots, spinach, cucumber and celery to one side for yourself.
  4. Chai. This is a tea infused with a variety of spices. Have a hot cuppa whilst your little loon is running around causing chaos, and try to pretend it’s all not happening.
  5. Green tea. I’m not the biggest fan cos it’s a little too bitter for me, but there are plenty of benefits to drinking green tea, and awakening your brain and senses is just one of the perks. Maybe try one of the fruity green teas if you’re like me.
  6. Ginkgo biloba tea. I confess, I’ve had this maybe twice in my entire life, but it’s been linked to helping promote blood flow, a better memory, and encouraging mental alertness.  So I guess I should brew that third cup sometime!
  7. Ginseng tea. This is simply tea made from the ginseng root, and is very popular within Chinese culture. It’s meant to aid mental functions as well as boosting blood circulation and reducing fatigue.


Honourary mentions…

Coffee. Our little morning mate to slap us around the face when we most need it, caffeine (yay) can help to boost your brain’s efficiency. However, too much of it can make you sluggish in the log run (booooo).

Wine. Yes! Whilst not known for too many brain-boosting abilities, a glass of wine here & there will no doubt keep you sane. And let’s face it, there are days when we’d all gladly trade brain-boosting for sanity-saving. Like today. Or tomorrow. Or a week Tuesday. Or….!

So even though some of these are pretty straight-forward, it’s easy to forget about ourselves when we’re looking after little ones, so hopefully this is an easy enough go-to list for those daze days! 🙂

Laura x

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