Mobile shopping is my therapy

I always loved mobile shopping, long before Monkey Bear came along. I’d do our weekly supermarket shop, browse Amazon for everyday items, order clothes last minute for nights out & holidays, and get the majority of the Christmas presents direct to my door. There was no way I was battling through armies of shoppers in the mad seasonal rush, juggling my coat & scarf maniacally from shop to outdoors, outdoors to shop and so on….

But since this little fella’s come along, browsing online has been off the charts! I feel there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t peruse online apps to see what interesting new titbits are out there. And in reality, we need very little. But there’s always something isn’t there? Be it food, clothing, toys, gadgets, stuff for the dog, stuff for us, stuff for an impending family visit….

Holiday Time equals Holiday Purchases

I’m pre-holiday shopping at the moment, and as anyone who’s ever packed a case for more than just themselves will understand (and I include spouses, partners, friends, family here) getting all the various lists all ticked off takes some planning. There’s the shopping for clothes for me, for Monkey Bear, and for my hubby who’ll invariably not have anything if he’s left to his own devices! All those holidays essentials we need like suntan lotion, medicines (for us & baby), adapter. There’s the ‘do we take a beach towel?’ debate every year. The ‘which shoes fit me and which are literally falling off my feet’ list which leads to the dreaded shoe shop (I hate shopping for shoes – Bags, yes. Shoes, no). The travel money browse as to where will give the best rate, and so on….

Holiday to Dubai when he was 5 months old

Guilt or Necessity?

Sometimes I feel soooo guilty with the sheer amount of time spent looking online and mobile shopping. It’s not even like I’m necessarily buying, but it’s the guilt that comes from the mere thought of spending. But yet, when you’re pinned down to the sofa as much as I am some days with a little person draining you of milk, a dead arm, and the inability to make any noise whatsoever, browsing online really is a bloody brilliant & convenient use of my time. So guilty or not, I’ll be singing its virtues for a while to come yet!

Here are just a few reasons why I love Mobile Shopping!

  1. As I’ve just touched on, it’s perfect when I’m breastfeeding or when Monkey Bear’s asleep. Sometimes I can’t pop the TV on because it might wake him, and there’s absolutely no chance of cracking on with writing or laptop admin (the key tapping noise is a no-no) so browsing on my phone feels I’m actually doing something productive with my time. I can get a head start on the things that need to be bought and organised before the weekend/holidays/friends visiting/whatever’s happening soon.
  2. It’s a damn sight easier than leaving the house with a 1 year old! Of course I love going out with my little fella, but often shopping and him just don’t mix. It’s the wrong time of day, he needs a nap, he needs food, he’s cranky, I’m cranky, it’s too hot, it’s too rainy… get it. Juggling everything to get out of the house is a military mission at the best of times, so trying to think straight about what you need to buy by the time you actually arrive at the shops is at best, difficult (at worst, full blown meltdown)
  3. It’s delivered. Right to my door. With no need to balance bags on my stroller, arms, wrists, neck, little finger. Okay, this is kind of like point 2, but whether I’ve got a little man with me or not, it’s still a damn sight more convenient to save my back when the nice man comes to my house for me. Yes, he probably judges. No, I don’t care.

    Mobile shopping
    This isn’t me jauntily swinging bags – I’m at home, with a cuppa 🙂
  4. My time & energies are each essentially non-existent! If I didn’t do shopping on my mobile (or at least browse to see what I needed, where best to buy it from, prices etc) I honestly don’t know where I’d find the time to get it all done. Most of my days are spent constantly wrangling the dog’s toys out of the baby’s mouth, the baby’s toys out of the dog’s mouth, tidying the ever-increasing circle of crap around my feet, and all interspersed with a mad dash to the loo, a half-swig of cold coffee, and a shower at the speed of light!


Now you’ll have to excuse me. There’s a sale on at Asos and I’ve gotta go see if they’ve any summer skirts that won’t make me want to go run & cry in a closet.

Laura x


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