Since when did Peter Rabbit become such a little ASBO waiting to happen?

Bloody hell, watching the cbeebies cartoon in the mornings, it’s a wonder we’re not inadvertently raising an army of little criminals, all hell bent on destroying property & stealing whatever they can find. These rabbits are out of control, I’m telling ya!

The Peter of my youth..

Was Peter Rabbit always this way, and have I somehow romanticised him over all these years? I remember a sweet pastel-coloured rabbit from my youth, frolicking across the worn pages of my Beatrix Potter books. Sure, he got into little scrapes & adventures, but he had nothing on this new holligan we’re faced with every weekday morning.

New and unimproved?

straight outta compton

In case you’ve not seen the ‘revamped’ Peter Rabbit, take a look via iplayer I dare you not to want to throw something at the TV after 2 episodes, tops. Every single episode, he gets into trouble with his friends. Every. Single. One.

And there’s always a jaunty little song to go with whatever ‘ASBO Pete’ and his gang of delinquants are getting up to. Lyrics like “Run Rabbit Run”, “Stand your ground”, and “Run for our lives” as they’re chased by a fox, a badger, an owl, and Mr McGregor. Never before have I wanted a so-called ‘baddie’ to win so much as I do when they’re chasing down these little cotton-tailed buggers.

Lyric headache

The theme song too, regaling that “We’ll tear a hole in every fence and every wall”. I’m telling you Peter Rabbit, you so much as breathe on my wall and I’ll have you down the police station (or in a pan) faster than you can say carrot.

So as soon as that theme tune starts I have to get up and make a coffee/do laundry/cry in a corner! At least that doesn’t induce homicidal rabbit thoughts before I’ve even finished breakfast.

So, anyone else for Rabbit pie?!

Laura x

No rabbits were harmed in the writing of this post.

All other rabbits are safe in my care! x


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