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I’ve recently been getting ready for our summer holidays, so was in slight over-board mode at home, arranging, buying, packing & planning. What did I need, what would Monkey Bear not cope without, how would we get through if flights were delayed (- one was. By 6 hours. Grrr) And what did his baby bag need for a trip abroad.

But, whether you’re heading overseas or staying local for your holidays this year, I realised that I already have some pretty great essentials in our normal day-to-day baby bag, to make the trip with us.

So these are the 4 absolute essentials I’d recommend packing with you when you’re out & about with a baby (-nappies & wipes excluded, they’re are a given!)


1. Sanitising water

This is a Godsend. Ever dropped a toy on the ground? Had your child touch a bin or dirty floor? Been nowhere near a sink to clean a bottle or dummy or teether? Look no further, my lovely mama friends!

I first used sanitising spray back in November when we flew to Dubai, and it’s been in my day-to-day changing bag ever since. It kills 99.9% of germs AND IS SAFE TO INGEST! That’s right. Unlike the hand gels you buy which a) smell so strongly of chemicals  b) taste yukky and c) aren’t great for little ones’ hands, something like Aquaint bypasses all these problems. It’s a water spray that you can use on toys, teether, hands, faces, handles and more, and which is safe to put in your mouth straight away. There are probably several brands out there, it’s just I’ve only used this one, so definitely research & see 🙂

I personally feel the travel size is a bit skanky in pricing, which is its only let-down – a large 500ml bottle is about £5 but a small 50ml one is £2.50! So do what I do – buy a large one & decant into a travel spray bottle. Easy! And that way, fab for cabin baggage too 🙂


2. Aloe Vera

Go buy a large tube of Aloe Pura 99% aloe gel (or similar) and again, decant some into a little travel pot. If you’ve not got a travel pot, simply use an old moisturiser pot you’ve got hanging around.

Pop it in your bag

Aloe vera is great for loads of skin ailments. If you or your little one has a rash, spots, minor grazes, insect bites  etc. It’s natural, doesn’t smell and has a lovely cooling effect too.


3. Calpol sachets

I’m not a huge fan of giving any medicine to Joshua unless he absolutely needs it. But who’s to know when he will, eh? He might stumble & hurt his knee whilst finding his feet, start getting his back teeth through, or simply pick up some lurgy that’s going round. I always have a bottle of Calpol in my bedside, but the sachets are fab for changing bags. There’s 5mls in each sachet (box of 12) and one of those little plastic spoons. Again, they bypass the cabin baggage 100ml liquid rule and are so much lighter for day-to-day carrying than a glass bottle. Sure they’re more expensive than the equivalent bottle would be, but this isn’t an everyday purchase – it’s a travel survival purchase, so well worth it.

Handy to always have with you 🙂


4. Teething powders

Whether your little baby is teething or not, make sure you have some powders in your bag. I love both Teethas and Ashton & Parsons, personally. And they’re like crack cocaine to most babies, from the feedback I’ve seen from Joshua and heard from other mamas!

Teething powders are homeopathic, and don’t just work on gum pain. They also soothe. So if you have a stressed or irritable baby on your hands, or if you want to try a step before giving Calpol, a powder is a good shout. Again, tiny little packages once taken out of their bulkier main box, so very handy.


Worth remembering…

I’m sure you might already have these go-tos in your baby bag, but if not, go grab some for sure.

And remember, don’t lug around full-sizes unless you have to – save your shoulders & back for the heavy load that is your baba instead!


Laura x



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