How to Create Better Content

how to create better content for your business and brand -

So, if like me you’re working at home and juggling kids, then like me you’re likely pulling your hair out most days in between trips to the kitchen to make coffee and singing along to Teletubbies sub-consciously when you’re on hold with a client!

SOOOO….. I thought I’d do a sort of Ultimate Resources list for all you mamas out there who just need some support and help and guidance as you run your business and make it work x

Know When to Reach Out

We’re so used to trying to do EVERYTHING ourselves that we think it applies to every aspect of our lives. But the truth is, that others have been there before us. We’ve got mentors to lean on, professionals to listen to and advice to take if and when we want it.

With my other business, Fizzy Hive, I use my years of experience as a creator & social manager to help small businesses & brands engage with their clients. So I’d love to share my best tips with you here too so that whatever business you’re running – be it a blog, a photographer, a cake decorator, an artist, a crafter, anything! – you can succeed with a happier outlook and with the support & love you need in your life x

how to create better content for your business and brand -

There might be affiliate links in this post. If you buy through them they won’t cost you a single penny more, but will help support this blog. I only ever recommend tools & resources that I’ve used myself and that I feel will bring you a lot of skill, support & love x Laura x

Reach out to create better content

So we all want to know HOW to take better photographs and write better blog posts, right? Because if you get this aspect of your business right, then the success & happiness will hopefully soon follow.

But it’s amazing how many of us don’t reach out to learn from people who are already doing it and have a lot of the answers that we desperately want.

how to create better content for your business and brand -

So, these are my top 3 resources for creating better content if you’re a work at home mama who needs to get stuff done quickly and effectively, without feeling like you’re drowning…

Creative Live

Creative Live – These guys offer FREE courses! Every. Single. Day!

Photography lessons, social media schooling, business tips, blogging best practice, in writing, in marketing and so much more. Plus, if you miss the course you want on a free stream, then a monthly pass is just $39 – to give you access to everything they have! Learn on your own time, and so affordably. They have courses by the gorgeously inspirational Jasmine Starr, they can help you set up a Podcast

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess – These guys have a fab selection of courses – covering blogging, cameras, Instagram, launching your own Podcast advice…. yup, it’s all covered! Don’t struggle to learn this yourself – simply pop across to see all they have to teach you.

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum – and if you take food photography or any sort – be it cakes, healthy recipes, kids meals, cocktails or whatever, then Pinch of Yum is the affordable book you need. Lindsay Ostrom really knows her stuff, and explains it all in such a friendly and approachable and simple way that you’ll be creating delicious jump-off-the-page, mouth-watering images in no time! Just be sure to tag me so you can make me hungry!

Even if you DON’T take food photos, you can learn soooo much from Lindsay with regards to even lifestyle photos & lighting products. So even if you are snapping kids books, make-up or home interior products, there’s still a lot to learn from Pinch of Yum.

Stop the struggle…

I know it feels sometimes like you have to do everything, but it often means that we end up doing nothing, and give up on ideas before they have chance to blossom.

So if you’re feeling a little like that, make sure to catch the whole series of resources I’m sharing here, and check out these brilliant & useful tools & courses above, so that YOU can start content creating with happiness, and not dread.

With my mama daze love,

Laura x


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