How to Use Tailwind. And what nobody tells you.

Learn how to maximize your Pinterest profile without the stress -

Social Media Management. As an entrepreneur, this is about 3 jobs in itself right?! It’s a never-ending juggling of posts, pins, tweets, pages, groups, content creation, messaging, liking, commenting…… and the list goes on!

So you need tools that are going to help you stay on top of it all and not drown under the feeling of constantly having to post 24 hours a day.

If you’re not on Pinterest already, get on it today! It is seriously the biggest driver of traffic to my websites, and I get over 1 million monthly views on my content combined, and growing!

(and if you want to just skip to the end where I give you $15 free to use on the best Pinterest scheduler then click here now!!)

There might be affiliate links in this post. If you click them they won’t cost you a single penny extra but will help support the Mama Daze. I only ever recommend tools & resources that I’ve used myself and that I feel will bring you a lot of skill, support & love. Laura x

If you don’t already know, remember this – It is NOT social media – it’s a visual search engine. And because of that, every single pin of yours acts like a little Google ad, ready to drive traffic to your site, your products, your courses, your services. And pins have no ‘end life’ They’re always out there waiting to be discovered. That’s where Pinterest has its power. In the lifespan of your content. So spending a bit of time getting that content right is going to reward you big time for weeks, months and even years to come.

And my absolute favourite tool for Pinterest, is Tailwind.

Now, a lot of people talk about Tailwind. But it always amazes me that hardly anyone talks about the REAL benefit of this amazing platform, which is sooooo important!!!

Why Tailwind is SOOO good!

Tailwind is an OFFICIALLY RECOGNISED partner for both Pinterest AND Instagram. So where other apps and services are not legally allowed to post on your behalf Tailwind CAN!

It’s all to do with permission to use the API of the platforms (that’s Advanced Program Interface). It means the permission to login via a 3rd party app, like Tailwind. And Tailwind has created a platform that does that with massive success! This means your login details are secure, and they’re happy for Tailwind to post AUTOMATICALLY for you.

So no more need for just these ‘scheduling’ apps, that only schedule images, to then remind you by a text message when you then have to manually post.

On Tailwind you can upload all your Pinterest pins and Instagram feed photos in advance, and Tailwind will post them automatically! Yes, it’s really that cool!

What Tailwind can do

Plus you can move your posts around, and Tailwind calculates optimized times for scheduling based on when your audience is most active. You can research hashtags to use, you can share your work on special groups called Tribes, you also get a full analysis of what pins are doing well….. The list goes on!

And all for $9.99 per month (annual plan, per social channel) So for 30 cents per day, you can post UNLIMITED images on Instagram or UNLIMITED pins on Pinterest (although of course, I’m not advising you post thousands per day that would be craaaaazy busy!) But let’s say 3 Instagram photos is pretty normal, as is about 25-40 Pinterest pins.

Check it out here – you get a 1 month FREE trial (yippee!) plus get $15 of extra credit which means your second month is basically for free too! (only for new users) Don’t you just love treats!

Keep me posted…

Let me know how you get on with Tailwind. But going back to what I always say about time – you NEED to buy yours whenever you’re busy doing other business things. And for less than $10 per month, this is a huge marketing help that will save you time, energy & sanity whilst you crack on with other aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Until next time, lovelies,

With my mama daze love,

Laura x


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