Procrastination is the root of all Me

So, today I thought I’d write about how I haven’t written anything in a while. Yes, the irony is not lost on me.

You see, I go through most days penning posts in my head or speaking them aloud to myself as I fumble around the house,  juggling laundry, baby, dog and my peace of mind. I seemingly full of all sorts of ideas, but inevitably, when it comes to actually finding time to do something about them (ie. pop them down here) I fall short. I procrastinate. I um and ah about which post to write first. I fluster over what order I should share my experiences. About whether I should bare all or bare non. I debate the pros and cons of a serious post versus a mundane daily ramble. And in the end, I do nothing. My mind (well, what’s left of it since Monkey Bear arrived) is so crammed full of tales, big & small, that it can’t find the energy to write! And that sort of defeats the purpose of a blog, doesn’t it. Er, yes, Laura, yes it does.

So, begone procrastination. I’ve thankfully found a little vigour today to kickstart my backside into actually doing something. Who knows what order I’ll spill my guts out on here. It may be random, it may be ridiculous or it may make complete sense (although I’d put verrrrry long odds on the latter!) But one thing that I’m truly hoping it will be, is written. Here and out there and sharing 🙂

Laura x



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